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Client Focused Retirement Planning

At Equitable Solutions we are committed to being simply better. Along with our top rated retirement planning firm partners we have developed turnkey retirement solutions that have very dynamic and unique processes. You will not find similar products or services in the industry. As we take you through those processes, you will see how our competitive advantages—Service, Technology, Plan Design, Fiduciary Oversight by our partner firms, Investments, and Cost Efficiency—set us apart from all others.


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Client Focused. Personalized Attention.

We focus on you. Whether you are an employer or employee, we and our top rated retirement planning firms are committed to providing excellent service and personalized attention. From the first day to long past retirement, we ensure you will understand your specific retirement needs and promise continual support.

Here's how we do it:

  • Group enrollment presentations
  • Marketing campaigns to encourage participation
  • Ongoing educational support
  • One-on-one financial planning consultations


Idea Driven. Innovative Concepts.

Technology, in theory, makes life easier. Through our top rated retirement planning firms, we provide resources for you to keep track of your account, give you confidence when making important decisions, and provide the most unique ways to view your account. At Equitable Solutions we are taking innovative steps to continually advance your retirement planning experience.  We pledge to offer state-of-the-art features that bring you closer to your retirement goals. 

Exclusive Technology Features

Are you one of those people who like to keep an eye on the balance of your retirement account? If so, through our top rated retirement planning firms, we have an original and unmatched solutions for you, unique ways of receiving and viewing your account balances, convenient and instantaneous ways of receiving weekly and monthly or quarterly updates of your account balances by email. 

Participant Projection Statements

Saving for retirement using your company sponsored retirement plan is easy, but do you know how much you should be saving? Participant projection statements determine what individual account balances should be at retirement. This helps the individual visualize how they are doing and offers guidance on how to better prepare themselves for retirement.


Plan Design

Unparalleled Expertise. Customized for You.

When it comes to plan design, through our top rated retirement planning firms, we separate ourselves from all others. We specialize in plan designs for small to mid-sized businesses—we are not a cookie cutter retirement solution. We customize a plan design for you by analyzing and reviewing your company's dynamic. Then we recommend and build a design that best meets your specific needs. We are committed to providing the right design, not just doing what's easy. Together, we have the technology, expertise, and desire to provide the best solution for you. We specialize in different types of complex plan designs, including New Comparability and Social Security Integration. These designs provide flexibility to the plan sponsor at no additional cost. Concerned about discrimination? Don't be. We will design a plan that benefits each individual on different levels while following all requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.


Fiduciary Oversight

Our Responsibility. Your Peace of Mind.

As a plan sponsor, you are a fiduciary of your retirement plan and are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the plan participants and beneficiaries. If this responsibility is neglected, the plan sponsor may be held personally liable.

So, what should fiduciary oversight mean? Peace of mind. Allow yourself to breathe a sigh of relief. Our top rated retirement planning firms can alleviate fiduciary responsibilities by offering discretionary trustee services, the greatest level of protection possible.


They will lessen concerns by assuming and managing specific responsibilities of your plan. Additionally, they advise the plan sponsor on legal and compliance responsibilities required, including Internal Revenue Code and IRS Regulations, ERISA, Department of Labor regulations, and general trust laws. In a time when participants are becoming more involved in their retirement plan, naming a discretionary trustee is an important step in reducing potential liability.



Unbiased Approach. Comprehensive Solutions.

Through our top rated retirement planning firms, we take care of your plan investment options, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, your business. Our process is rigorous. Thousands of funds are researched, seeking those with specific profiles, each adhering to a different investment style. We seek to use institutional share class pricing when possible, providing you the best investments at the lowest price. Through our top rated retirement planning firms' discretionary trustee services, they assume responsibility for the selection, continual monitoring, and removal of investment options within your retirement plan.


They offer an unbiased approach, an approach few others exercise. We and our retirement planning firm partners will not share revenue or accept compensation from mutual fund companies on your retirement account. We value integrity. We place our clients first. With us, you will experience security, loyalty, opportunity, and fairness.


Cost Efficiency

Better Solution. Better Price.

Do you know what you are currently paying for your retirement program? You should know. Most do not have a full understanding of a plan's total cost. We insure that our  top rated retirement planning firms use the Department of Labor's recommended full fee disclosure, meaning that you know exactly the fees you are paying in your retirement plan. There are no hidden costs. 


Through our top rated retirement planning firms we focus on offering more for less. Unlike other providers, we insure that our retirement planning firms offer discretionary trustee services, customized plan design, active management for models, and exceptional customer service. You receive a multitude of services all bundled into a lower price.